Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Contest. Free Cards

I opened two packs of 07-08 Fleer basketball cards today with 7 cards per pack.

They are:

Manu Ginobili
Antonio McDyess
Cuttino Mobley
Shareef Abdur-Rahim
Luther Head
Rasual Butler
Jose Calderon
Richard Jefferson
Willie Green
Raymond Felton
Darko Milicic
Leandro Barbosa
Julian Wright RC
Rodney Stuckey Rookie Sensations RC

All these are being given away for free. You can pick up to two cards and I will send you them when we trade.

______Yes, we have to trade and you will get your choice of any two______


  1. could i get the Rodney Stuckey Rookie card and the Willie Green Thanx Carcia

  2. you got those. everyone else will have to have a trade with me. he sent me an extra surprise in a package so I returned the favor

  3. If I could get the Jose Calderon and Julian Wright that would be awesome. Thanks for doing this :)

  4. refer to the post above yours Chad

  5. Oh duh, talk about typing before reading *embarrassed*

  6. Its fine we all do that sometimes. Are you still interested?

  7. cool contest kidcarcia... look forward to reading your blog!

  8. Let me finish up my trade list on my computer so I know what all cards are available lol. There are quite a few.